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Providing you with confidential, professional, curative, and preventive counseling to help facilitate your healing and wholeness in a Caring environment.

Providing services for work-related issues. We assist you with consultation and counseling services for issues that affect work production. We also provide crisis intervention in the workspace. It is a resource for employees and their significant other and can also increase the bottom line of your business.

Because EAPs include a limited number of sessions, therapists seeing clients through an EAP often focus on short-term, specific therapy goals. Theoretical orientations that lend themselves to shorter therapy lengths include:

Solution-Focused Therapy: This approach involves identifying an achievable, specific goal that is within the client’s control and can be achieved in a short amount of time.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: CBT involves identifying maladaptive or unrealistic thought patterns and changing our feelings and behaviors by addressing these thoughts. Treatment plans for CBT can be short-term where appropriate.

Strengths-Based Therapy: This type of therapy involves identifying the client’s already existing strengths and maximizing the impact of these strengths on the client’s life.

Short-term therapy approaches can be helpful for individuals dealing with life stress, adjustment disorders, or wanting support in developing self-care or coping skills.

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